ScaledFlower’s Homepage

All photos taken by ScaledFlower

Hello citizens of the Blogverse! I am ScaledFlower and I’m trying to find out if I like blogging. I’ve never done something like this before so this is new to me. This will be an adventure. The quest to create a blog!

This blog mainly has topics about nature, plants and pollution.

Photo by ScaledFlower
Photo by Scaled Flower

3 thoughts on “ScaledFlower’s Homepage

  1. Wow! ScaledFlower, I am so impressed with your blog. What you have posted about plastic pollution is fascinating and terrifying. Your photos are beautiful. Please keep blogging, and I will keep enjoying what you post.


  2. Hello ScaledFlower! You did a tremendous amount of research. Your thorough and compelling points are making me rethink my buying habits regarding plastic! Keep writing and reaching people with your blog. You can create change one person at a time. Lovely photos as well!


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